Unit 8: The Early 1900s: Fast Forward
Frameworks for America's Past

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Exploring: History in a family scrapbook
A girl of the 1920s grows up  

Famous people to know
Historical photo sets

1.  The automobile, the assembly line, and mechanization  

2.  The birth of the airline industry

3.  Radio in the Early 1900s  

4.  Prohibition - the banning of alcohol

5.  The Great Migration  

6.  The Harlem Renaissance

7.  1920s and 1930s Culture - art, music, literature
History food feature A taste of the Twenties  (Check out these all-American foods that first appeared on grocery store shelves in the 1920s.)
YouTube videos
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Industry and inventors - early 1900s - segment from The Century: America's Time - Seeds of Change (1 of 3).  Watch from 8:00 to 14:05.

Changing life in the 1920s - segment from The Century: America's Time - Boom to Bust (2 of 3).  Watch from beginning to 8:50.

New York City in the 1920s - segment from The Century: America's Time - Boom to Bust (1 of 3).  Watch from 5:15 to 14:08.

The Model T automobile  (a short video that shows the Model T in production and on the road - continue on to Life after WW I)

The Wright brothers' airplane  (a short video of one of the Wright brothers' airplanes, a few years after the first flight of 1903)

Electrification in the 1920s  (a short video shows how the spread of electricity improved American life in the home)

Mickey Mouse in "Steamboat Willie" (an early Disney short animated film from 1922)

Creating a radio show  (this film clip shows voice actors in an old-time radio studio with all their sound effects techniques)

Prohibition - History of Speakeasies  (a short video)

Music: See photo sets 6 and 7 (above) as well as these:

By 1935 a style of jazz called swing was the most popular music in America.  An example is in this clip from the 1943 film Swing Fever.  Another 1943 film features the song Jumpin' Jive and the famous jazz band leader Cab Calloway.

After You've Gone  (an early jazz tune and song popular in the 1920s, and still a piano classic today)
Mainly for teachers
America: The Story of Us TV mini-series, Episode 8, "Boom," has several good video segments for topics in this unit, including the oil boom, Henry Ford's automobiles, and the Great Migration.  This widely praised production originally ran on the History Channel.  Less than $20 on Amazon for the 3 DVD set.

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