People to Know - Early 1900s Review
Frameworks for America's Past
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Advances in Transportation

1.  Who developed the first affordable automobile
 - the Model T - by using the assembly line?

2.  Who invented the airplane and made the first powered
flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina?

The Changing Culture of the 1920s

3.  Who is this artist known for painting urban scenes,
images of the Southwest, and flowers?

4. (on the left) & 5. (on the right): 
Who are these composers who wrote uniquely American music?

He composed the music for
Porgy and Bess.

He composed the music for
Appalachian Spring.

6.  Who is this writer who described life in the
Jazz Age of the 1920s?

7.  Who is the writer who described the hard life and family
strength of poor migrant farm workers during the 1930s?

 A migrant family trying to find
work in California in the 1930s.

A migrant family picking crops
in a farm field in California.

The Harlem Renaissance

8.  Who is the famous artist who chronicled the experiences
of African Americans who were part of the Great Migration?

9. (on the left) & 10. (on the right):
Who are these famous jazz composers and performers?

At the Hurricane Club
in New York City, 1943.

Born in New Orleans, he made jazz
come alive on the trumpet.

11.  Who is this performer who sang the blues like no one else?

 She was called "The Empress of the Blues."


1.  Henry Ford

2.  The Wright Brothers
3.  Georgia O'Keeffe
George Gershwin (on the left)
Aaron Copland (on the right)
6.  F. Scott Fitzgerald
7.  John Steinbeck
8.  Jacob Lawrence
9.  Duke Ellington (on the left)
10.  Louis Armstrong
(on the right)
11.  Bessie Smith

O'Keeffe artwork images are from the Smithsonian Institute collection (Manhattan)
and the Brooklyn Museum / Wikipedia (Ram's Head White Hollyhock and Little Hills). 
They are used here under fair use / education provisions of U.S. copyright law.
Photos are from the Library of Congress. 
Bessie Smith portraits are
from the library's Carl Van Vechten photograph collection.

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