The Globalization of Terrorism
Frameworks for America's Past
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One unfortunate effect of globalization is that people anywhere with a hatred of other
nations or groups are now tempted to use terrorism to draw worldwide attention
to their cause.  The photo below shows the area around the World Trade Center
in New York City after the deadly attack by terrorists on September 11, 2001.


The photo and words below capture in art the shock and disbelief
felt by most Americans watching the attack on the World
Trade Center's Twin Towers on 9-11. 

The artwork below was also created in response to
the 9-11 attacks.

The photo below shows some of the items placed by citizens to mark 
the site in Pennsylvania where the heroic passengers of United Flight 93 died. 
The passengers fought back to stop a group of the 9-11 terrorists who had
taken control of the plane and had turned it toward Washington, D.C.

Another plane also hijacked by the terrorists that day was deliberately
crashed into the Pentagon building just outside Washington.

The artwork below shows another reaction by Americans
to the attacks of 9-11.  Americans were proud and united as
they realized that the heroic response of ordinary citizens that
day showed to the entire world our country, our values, and
our people at their best.

All images are from the Library of Congress.
Art and photos by: Mark Yankus (second from the top),
Daniel DiGia (third from the top), Carol Highsmith
(fourth from the top). and Alex Steinweiss (fifth from the top).
Some images have been edited or resized for this page.


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