Unit 14: Globalization and Current Issues
Frameworks for America's Past

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Teacher Key - for Unit 14

Historical photo sets

1.  The globalization of information

2.  The globalization of terrorism

History food feature Waste no food: A teenager's bold idea to end hunger 
Exploring further
The Map of Freedom / Freedom Report  Click on "View our Latest Report" to see the latest map and other information.  Click on the map to get reports on specific countries.
Videos and
Internet sites

Students: Check with your  parents for permission before visiting Internet links.

Planet Money Makes a T-Shirt  (These five short videos give a great look at the globalization of trade!  Reporters for NPR's Planet Money trace the path of cotton around the world as it is harvested, spun into thread, woven, cut, and made into a t-shirt.)

Where are all the world's McDonald's?  (a short video that shows the global presence of the fast food restaurant company)

Career Exploration  (This online resource helps young people explore their career options in our global economy.)

Maps - Immigration patterns: 1970 - 1990 - 2010 
(This online historical atlas lets you click on the timeline to change the year, and get immigration data for specific counties / cities.)

The Big Blue Marble  (a video with great scenes of the earth from the International Space Station.  The astronaut who took the photos talks about her experiences in space here.)

Global water issues  (a short video on the shortage of fresh water in many parts of the world)

Global energy needs  (a short video in which Bill Gates, one of the founders of Microsoft, shows why better access to energy is needed to help people worldwide rise out of poverty.  This short video shows some of the progress that is being made.

Lil' Smokey  (a short video about a bear cub that shows the American spirit of caring for the natural environment.  The story of his release into the wild is here.)  Here is another video that shows our connection to the natural world and its creatures:  Playing with an Otter.

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