Unit 13: Civil Rights & Equal Rights
Frameworks for America's Past

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Teacher Key - for Unit 13
Historical photo sets
1.  The background story: how segregation began

2.  The Civil Rights Movement begins

3.  The end of segregation

4.  Voting rights for African Americans

5.  The Equal Rights Amendment
History food feature Margaret's Soul Food  The Civil Rights Movement spread a wider awareness of many aspects of black life and culture - including soul food.  This restaurant in Arlington, Virginia, has made a very successful business featuring that style of cooking.
Exploring further
From primary sources:
President Johnson Calls for Racial Justice
Videos and
Internet sites

Students: Check with your  parents for permission before visiting Internet links.

The Civil Rights Movement: 1950s  segment from The Century: America's Time - Happy Days (2 of 3).  Watch from 6:20 to 13:38.

The Civil Rights Movement: 1960s  segment from The Century: America's Time - Poisoned Dreams (2 of 3).  Watch from 3:19 to 14:59.

Rev. Martin Luther King's advice for students  (a video clip from King's speech to junior high school students in Philadelphia in 1967.  The speech was was titled, "What is Your Life's Blueprint?")

Rev. Martin Luther King's last speech   (a video of part of the famous speech Rev. King made in Memphis, Tennessee, in April, 1968, the day before he was assassinated)

NAACP  (Internet site for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People)

Music:  We Shall Overcome  This song became the anthem of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s, and was often sung at protest marches and rallies.  It is sung here by the chorus of Morehouse College, an historically black men's college in Atlanta, Georgia.

Women's rights topics:

National Organization for Women  (the Internet site of NOW, the organization formed in 1966 to push for women's equality in the workplace.  It is also involved in many other women's rights and gender related issues.)

Straight Talk About the Wage Gap  (a short video by the Independent Women's Forum on this topic.  The group says the wage gap is not caused mainly by discrimination, but by the education, career, and life choices of women.

The Equal Rights Amendment  (an Internet site that supports passing the ERA.  It has a good historical overview of the women's rights movement and the ERA here
Mainly for teachers Timeline: Women's Rights Movement in the U.S.

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