Unit 12: America's Post-War Consumer Society
Frameworks for America's Past

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Teacher Key - for Unit 12

Historical photo sets

The Interstate Highway System

  Space exploration

3.  The computer revolution
History food features
The original TV Dinner - just pop it in the oven!
McDonald's Restaurants - fast food and franchising
Guide to the graphs
Charting the Post-War Consumer Society - a guide to making the graphs on pages 174 and 175
Videos and
Internet sites

Students: Check with your  parents for permission before visiting Internet links.

Cars, Fast Food, and Interstate Highways - segment from The Century: America's Time - Happy Days (3 of 3).  Watch from start to 2:54.

Lucy takes a job in a chocolate factory  (A video of one of the best known scenes from the TV comedy series I Love Lucy.)

Space monkey Ham (1961)   (a video of a film report on a famous monkey sent into space as part of the U.S. effort to put a man in space)

The Oregon Trail - computer game  (This was one of the first popular computer games made to run on personal computers.  This version is from 1990.  It works better with some browsers than with others.)

Word use - regional differences  (This computer program shows you which parts of the country have word use patterns similar to your own.)

Mainly for teachers
America: The Story of Us TV mini-series, Episode 11, "Superpower," has several good video segments on topics including economic prosperity, spreading suburbs, the Interstate Highway System, and the moon landing.  This widely praised production originally ran on the History Channel.  Less than $20 on Amazon for the 3 DVD set.

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