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U.S. map regions and the 50 states

There are several ways to divide the U.S. map and the 50 states into regions. 
The map below shows one common way to do it.



What exactly is the
Noncontiguous region?

   Noncontiguous means "not connected."  The Noncontiguous region of the United States consists of Alaska and Hawaii, as the map on the right shows.

   Notice that Alaska is nowhere near Hawaii.  So why are they often shown together in the corner of so many maps of the U.S.?  That just makes it easier to show all 50 states on one page.

   Notice also that Alaska is far and away the largest state - over twice as large as Texas!   Many people don't realize that, because many maps of the U.S. (like the one above) shrink the size of Alaska to 1/2 scale.  Again, that's just done so all the states can be shown conveniently on one page.

   Juneau is the capital of Alaska.

   Honolulu is the capital of Hawaii.


Review map - the regions and states

Use the map below to quiz yourself as you learn the regions and states.

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