Map Review 
Frameworks for America's Past

Click on the links below:

The States and Regions of the U.S.  (maps to study)

Tricks to help you learn all 50 states

20 Famous U.S. Cities  (map to study)

The World  (map to study)
Games for review
(These games were created by other teachers and organizations.)
The 50 States game

The 50 States game  (harder version)  

Cities on the map game
YouTube videos
and Internet sites

Students: Check with your
parents for permission before
visiting Internet links.
Why flat maps are misleading  (a short YouTube video that explains common map projections)

America's National Parks  (a short YouTube video)

Washington, D.C., tour  (a short YouTube video)

New York City helicopter tour  (a short YouTube video)

St. Louis Gateway Arch tour  (a short YouTube video)

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