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 Fasttrack to America's Past - Section 3
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     "Right click" on the links below to download to your computer.  When the dialog box opens, click "Save Link As" or "Save Target As" to save the file to your desktop or to a folder.  Once the download is complete, you can double click on the file to open it in PowerPoint.

hen opening the PowerPoint files, a dialog box may appear.  If it does, click on the button for "Read Only," because these files are password protected against changes.  You do not need the password to download or show the presentations in your classroom.

   Mac Users:  If your computer will not open the files below, p
lease use the condensed versions (without slide transition effects) we have posted for Civics and U.S. history teachers on SlideShare: www.slideshare.net/fasttrack101/slideshows.

  The Declaration of Independence   8 MB 

  The Articles of Confederation  
6 MB 

  The U.S. Constitution: An introduction  
10 MB

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  • You leave the copyright and source information visible.
   You may not post these PowerPoint presentations in any form on any other web site, server, or service of any kind.  You may provide a link from your personal, class, or school web site to this site or to the presentations posted on Slideshare at www.slideshare.net/fasttrack101/slideshows.