Completed Charts for 
  Fasttrack to America's Past

   Click on the links below to check your work as you complete the charts pages in each section of Fasttrack to America's Past using the data supplied in the historical data tables.

Discovery and
1400 - 1600
Charting Golden Crops
Colonial America:
1600 - 1775
Charting Colonial Statistics
1775 - 1800
Charting Money and Trade
Charting the First Census
The Growing
1800 - 1860
Charting Population and Immigration
Charting the Transportation Revolution
Charting Inventions and Cotton
Charting Statistics of Slavery
Civil War and Reconstruction:
1860 - 1877
Charting Manpower and Resources
The Gilded Age:
1865 - 1900
Charting Economic Trends
Becoming a 
World Leader:
1900 - 1950
Charting 20th Century Vital Statistics
Charting Automobile Use
Charting the Crash of 1929
Charting the New Deal and Unemployment
Modern America:
1950 - Present
Charting the Affluent Society
Charting Women and Jobs
Charting the Fight Against Poverty
Charting Trends of the Seventies
Charting the Computer Revolution
Charting Welfare Reform