Saving sugar and wheat
for the war effort

  As America joined the fighting in World War I, leaders realized that food would be a big part of any plan for victory.  

   The U.S. had to feed its own army, of course.  It would also need to send millions of tons of food to help the armies and the people of the other Allied Powers.  The fighting made it impossible for farmers in Europe to produce enough food.

   The government encouraged Americans to reduce their use of wheat and sugar during the war.  That would save supplies of those foods to help the war effort overseas.

   Click on the links below to see examples of recipe booklets the U.S. government gave out during the war.  They tell how to make tasty foods without sugar or wheat. 

     Sweets Without Sugar   (PDF format)
     Recipes Without Wheat   (PDF format)

   If you want to try one of these recipes, try using lard or Crisco where the recipe calls for fat.  Be sure to have an adult who knows how to cook help you!


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The poster image and the recipe booklets are from the National Archives.

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