Unit 4: Growing Cities and Immigration
Frameworks for America's Past

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  Teacher / Student Key: pages 55 - 64

History in Their Own Words:
Jane Addams Works for Better Cities

Historical photo sets

1.  Urbanization: Growing cities  

2.  Immigration - Ellis Island and Angel Island  

3.  Tenement buildings and overcrowding

4.  Immigrants: Welcomed. . . or not?  

5.  Jane Addams and settlement houses

6.  Big city "political machines"  
History food feature
Making sourdough bread and peanut butter cookies in
a wood burning stove
YouTube videos
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Growing cities and immigration - late 1800s and early 1900s - segment from The Century: America's Time - Seeds of Change (2 of 3).  Watch from 11:02 to 14:48, and continue on to the next segment (part 3 of 3), from 0:00 to 4:30.

San Francisco, 1906 - trolley ride and street scenes  (a video with rare old film footage - the music was added in recent times)

Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island - 2 Minute Tour  (a short video)

Ellis Island oral (spoken) histories  (a video with three short but emotionally powerful accounts by immigrants telling their memories of arriving in America.)

Animated map of immigration  (a short video that gives an overview of immigration to America, up to modern times.)

Maps - Immigration patterns:
1870 - 1880 - 1890 - 1900  (This online historical atlas lets you click on the timeline to change the year, and get immigration data for specific counties / cities.)

Music:  Spanish Lady  (an old Irish song, performed by a group from Ireland that often visits the U.S.  Irish music has long had a big influence on American music.

Web Cam:  New York City - Times Square
Mainly for teachers The myth of name changing at Ellis Island  An article from the New York Public Library web site explains why this often repeated claim is not true.

"No Irish" signs - did they really exist?   This article by a well-known historian says that they were in fact extremely rare.

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