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Frameworks for America's Past
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Choose the best answer for each question below.

1.  Abraham Lincoln's main goal during the Civil War was to preserve (save) the Union.

After the war ended, which of these did he want?

A.  To punish the South for leaving the Union.

B.  Reconciliation with the South.

2.  Robert E. Lee was a famous general for the South.

What did he urge Southerners to do at the end of the Civil War?

A.  To continue fighting the North by any way possible.

B.  To reconcile and reunite as Americans.

3.  Frederick Douglass was famous for speaking against slavery before and during the Civil War.

After the war, which did he speak out for and support?

A.  human rights and civil liberties for all people.

B.  relocating freed slaves to Africa.


4.  Booker T. Washington  said that the best road to equality for blacks was  vocational education.

Which of these tells his view of racial segregation?

Segregation must be ended immediately.

B.  He
accepted segregation of the races, hoping it would fade away in time.

5.  W.E.B. Du Bois was a  famous black leader who helped start the NAACP.

Which of these was his view of the issue of racial segregation?

A.  Segregation must be ended immediately for blacks to make any real progress.

B.  Segregation was not a big issue for blacks.

6.  Ida Wells-Barnett was a newspaper writer whose articles exposed injustice toward African Americans.
She is also famous because:

A.  She was part of the "underground railroad" before the Civil War.

B.  She was one of the founders of the NAACP.


1.  B
2.  B
3.  A
4.  B
5.  A
6.  B

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