Unit 11: The Cold War
Frameworks for America's Past

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Europe after World War II

3.  Cold War conflicts in Korea, Cuba, and Vietnam

4.  Weapons of the Cold War
History food feature
Fallout shelter food - 1960s  (a web page that shows the type of food supplies the government put in large public buildings marked as fallout shelters in case of a nuclear attack)
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From primary sources:
President Truman: We Must Defend Freedom
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Rebuilding Europe and Japan after WW II, and the beginning of the Cold War - segment from The Century: America's Time - The Best Years (2 of 3).  Watch from 0:15 to 6:37.

The Soviet Union gets atomic weapons, China becomes communist, and the Korean War begins - segment from The Century: America's Time - The Best Years (2 of 3).  Watch from 11:48 to 15:01, and continue to the next segment (3 of 3), up to 1:50.

Make Mine Freedom  (a short 1948 animated film designed to teach about the false promises of communism and the benefits of the American system of democracy and capitalism)

Nike missile test  (This short video shows the American defensive missile system built in the 1950s.  The system helped keep peace by convincing Soviet leaders that the U.S. could stop any attempts to attack American cities with bombers.)

Nuclear bomb - the first H-bomb test  (a short video of the 1952 test of a very powerful type of atomic / nuclear bomb called a hydrogen bomb or H-bomb)

Cuban Missile Crisis  (a short overview of the 1962 crisis)

A Soviet radar operator's close call  (a History Channel report about the tough choice a Soviet radar operator made during the Cold War)

President Ronald Reagan's speech at the Berlin Wall  (a clip from Reagan's famous 1987 speech in West Berlin, calling on Soviet leaders to tear down the Berlin Wall.  Watch from 10:04 to 12:15)

"We Are Americans"  (a video based on President Ronald Reagan's inspiring remarks in a Memorial Day speech)

The Berlin Wall comes down in 1989  (A short video clip from a 1989 ABC News report)

Earth at night from space  (Assembled from photographs taken from space - find and compare North Korea and South Korea.)
Mainly for teachers America: The Story of Us TV mini-series, Episode 11, "Superpower," has a good video segment near the end that gives a brief overview of the Cold War.  This widely praised production originally ran on the History Channel.  Less than $20 on Amazon for the 3 DVD set.

President Ronald Reagan's speech at Moscow State University in the Soviet Union in 1988.  It touches on many themes, including American life, the importance of freedom, and Americans' hopes for the people of the Soviet Union.  Click on the icon for full screen viewing.

SR-71 photo courtesy U.S. Air Force, photo # 020904-O-9999R-003.JPG

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