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Unit CE 3 & 4 - Citizens and Citizenship
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Review Questions for Unit CE 3 & 4 in Fasttrack Civics - Citizens and Citizenship

1.  What are the two ways by which a person can become a citizen of the U.S.?

2.  Which Amendment to the U.S. Constitution tells the methods of becoming a citizen?

Chart of naturalization steps

3.  What should be written in the chart above to show the final step of the process of naturalization?

4.  What is required to pass the interview and test for naturalization?

5.  Which Amendment to the Constitution lists citizens’ basic rights to freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition?

6.  What freedom is a neighborhood organization exercising when it holds a meeting?

7.  What does freedom to petition the government mean?

8.  What freedom is a student exercising if she writes an article for a school newspaper?

9.  How does the 14th Amendment to the Constitution extend or better protect citizens' basic rights?

10.  What is an alien?

11.  What is an immigrant?


12.  Which of these terms best matches the definition in the graphic shown above: alien, immigrant, citizen, or subject?

13.  America has become an increasingly diverse society over the past 100 years.  What is the main cause of this increased diversity?

14.  Citizens have certain civic duties they must do, or face legal penalties.  Tell three things that are civic duties of citizens in the U.S.

15.  Citizens have certain civic responsibilities they should do, but are not legally required to do.  Tell three things that are civic responsibilities of citizens in the U.S., but not civic duties.

16.  The main difference between civic duties and civic responsibilities is that civic responsibilities are _________________.   (Answer choices: required, voluntary, necessary, good.)

Jury sign from court

17.  Does the courtroom sign above show a civic duty that a citizen must do if called, or something that is only a civic responsibility?

18.  Citizens often play a big role in improving their communities.  Tell three things that citizens can do to be a part of community life in America.

19.  Good citizens share certain traits or characteristics that make America a good place to live.  What trait is Bill showing when he stands for the playing of the National Anthem before a baseball game?

20.  Explain why respect for the law is an important trait of good citizens.

21.  Give an example of a courtesy that people often show toward others as a way of showing their respect.

22.  How can a citizen gain a reputation as someone who is trustworthy?

23.  Why is self-reliance an important trait for citizens in a nation like ours?

24.  What does it mean for a person to be responsible and accountable?

25.  What does the word patriotism mean?

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