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   The photographs below show the historic site of Jamestown, Virginia, the first successful English settlement (1607) in the New World.   With the settlers came English ideas about law, liberty, and government that are influential in American life to this day. 
   The Charter of the Virginia Company of London, issued by King James in 1606, guaranteed that the colonists and their descendants would always have the rights of Englishmen.  It was in Jamestown that the first representative government body in America met in 1619.
   Little remains above ground of early Jamestown.  The foundations visible in these photos are re-creations of the foundations that are just under them in the ground, left buried for protection.  The statues show Captain John Smith and Pocahontas.  The water, of course, is the James River.


Jamestown Virginia  WS  Shore and River

John Smith statue at Jamestown

Jamestown Virginia  building foundation

Pocahontas statue at Jamestown Virginia

Jamestown Virginia foundation bricks

Jamestown Virginia foundation and picture



The photos are by David Burns.

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