More About the Fasttrack Civics Documents CD

The Fasttrack Civics Documents CD

   This collection of images of historical documents (see full list below) is part of the Fasttrack Civics Project.  The goal of the project is to help both teachers and students as they explore the fundamental civic values that support American liberty and good citizenship. 

   Fasttrack Civics Documents contains a selection of electronic images of documents that are likely to be of classroom value to all teachers of Civics and Government.  It is very helpful to students, of course, to be able to see and hold replica copies of documents as they explore the powerful ideas they contain.

  Most images in the National Documents folder on the disc are from National Archives online collection.  More detailed information about all the documents, and images of additional documents, can be found at in “The Charters of Freedom” section, and at, in the “100 Milestone Documents” section.  

   Images in the Virginia Documents folder on the disc are from the Library of Congress collection at, and from photographs by David Burns.

   Please give the original source citation where appropriate when using these images.

   Many images are here in duplicate formats for ease of use.  Printing from the PDF versions will give publication quality images on letter size paper or transparency film.  JPEG image files will open in your default image viewer, and can be used in Power Point presentations, web sites, etc. 

  The unique arrangement of this collection, the George Mason sculpture photographs, the text files, the CD cover insert and label are all copyright 2006 by David Burns. 

What is on the CD:

Files in the Main Folder – Fasttrack Civics Documents

About These Images   (MS Word Document)
CD jewel box cover insert   (PDF file)
CD disk label   (PDF file)

Files in the National Documents Folder:

   Most of the documents are shown in both an image file and a PDF file.  Use images files for Internet pages and computer presentations.  PDF files (used with Adobe Acrobat) print high quality images to letter size paper or transparency film. 

00 - National Archives Building (photo)
13th Amendment 
14th Amendment 
15th Amendment 
16th Amendment
18th Amendment 
19th Amendment
21st Amendment 
Articles of Confederation 
Bill of Rights 
Brown v. Board of Education 
Civil Rights Act of 1964 
Constitution - page 1
Declaration of Independence - engraved 1823
Declaration of Independence - original signed
Declaration of Independence - printed Dunlap
Emancipation Proclamation
Gettysburg Address - draft
Great Seal - original drawing
Lee Resolution for Independence
Light Bulb - Edison’s patent
Magna Carta - (England)
Social Security Act

Files in the Virginia Documents Folder:

Charter of the Virginia Company of London - page 13
Charter of the Virginia Company of London - selection
Virginia Declaration of Rights
Virginia Declaration of Rights - George Mason statue at GMU
Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom


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