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   Fasttrack Civics


What is Fasttrack Civics?

   Fasttrack Civics
is a 168 page interactive learning guide / workbook that guides students and teachers through the essential facts, concepts, and vocabulary found in the Virginia Standards of Learning for middle school Civics and Economics.
   The project was developed by a veteran Civics teacher eager to help students of all backgrounds succeed.  It encourages teachers to use a blended strategy of direct instruction of core knowledge, with wide opportunities for self-directed student learning and skills development.

   Fasttrack Civics uses a graphics-rich, interactive page design that helps all students learn.  It is available in a sturdy paperbound format, or in a three-ring binder / site license combination that allows teachers to photocopy pages as desired for students.

Does it align well with the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOLs)? 

   Yes, it follows the SOL for middle school Civics and Economics very closely.  It also includes some additional material to flesh out certain topics more effectively.  It has been used successfully in hundreds of classrooms across the state for many years.

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SOL correlations
(2008 adopted standards numbers)

   The Virginia DOE 2015 revisions to the Civics/Economics SOL documents show some tweaks to the basic content, but overall, it is not greatly changed.  In January, 2017, the DOE announced that the end of year SOL test will continue to be based on the 2008 standards through the summer of 2018.  Therefore, we will continue distributing our Second Edition of Fasttrack Civics, which matches that framework. 

   Quoting from the DOE superintendent's memo: "To facilitate the transition to locally developed performance assessments, new end-of-course tests that measure the 2015 History and Social Science Standards of Learning will not be developed.  In addition, because the changes to the content for Virginia Studies and Civics and Economics are not substantial, new tests for these subjects will not be developed, and tests designed to measure the 2008 Standards will continue to be administered. . . . In support of the transition, an additional crossover year for implementation of the 2015 revised Standards will be provided.  Therefore, the 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 History and Social Science Standards of Learning assessments will continue to be based on the 2008 History and Social Science Standards of Learning through the summer of 2018 test administration."

   The DOE superintendent's full memo can be found with this link: click here.

What support is available for teachers and students using this learning guide?   

   The Fasttrack Civics Teacher Key, in a sturdy spiral bound format for daily use, is available at a modest price.
   The matching Internet support site has many additional resources, including PowerPoint presentations on Civics and economics topics, unit review questions, and interesting links to other Internet sites.

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What about the cost?

   Our goal is to make Fasttrack Civics widely available to schools at the lowest possible cost.  It is both very affordable and very engaging to students - that is the definition of a true "best buy" in education!

  • For schools purchasing the printed workbooks for their students, at the volume price of $5.95, the cost works out to less than four cents per student per day.
  • For schools choosing the binder / site license to photocopy pages option, the annually renewable site license fee is based on enrollment.  For most schools, the fee is in the range of $300 - $575.  That typically works out to about two cents a day per student.  The fee supports maintaining and updating the matching Internet site, keeping its resources available for students, teachers, and parents 24/7.

   By providing an affordable and comprehensive set of Civics teaching resources, this project is actually saving many schools thousands of dollars in curriculum development costs and textbook costs.

   Please click on the link for Prices and Ordering on the Fasttrack Civics home page for more information.

May we copy the study guide's pages and hand them out to students?

   If you prefer making photocopies to use as student handouts, rather than issuing printed workbooks, please contact us about obtaining a school site license and master binder of the Fasttrack Civics pages.  For more information about this option, click on the link for Prices and Ordering on the Fasttrack Civics home page.

Copying pages without permission is the same as shoplifting, plagiarism, or any other form of theft.  You cannot expect students to act honorably if you are not honorable yourself.  Do the right thing.  Copyright details are here.

How can I get more information?

    Please contact our office in Springfield, Virginia, by phone at:  (703) 644 - 4612, or by email at: